A data center is a facility that contains a lot of web servers. The machines can be used for various purposes - web hosting, file and image storage, computing, etc. All big firms which offer online services have their machines in one or multiple data centers because such a facility can supply the desired environment and protection for the information stored on the machines. This includes environmental adjustments for the humidity and temperature so as to guarantee the optimum performance and long life of the hosting servers, backup power generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical security as to ensure that that your information can't be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A poorly performing data center could easily undermine the services that a firm offers.

Data centers in Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting servers are stored in five of the largest data centre facilities around the globe based in Chicago (USA), Coventry (UK), Pori (FI), Sofia (BG) and Sydney (AU). We offer precisely the same standard of service everywhere as our sophisticated cloud hosting platform is available in all 5 of them, but for your convenience, you'll be able to select the one you prefer. The constant functioning of your sites will be ensured by powerful diesel backup generators and a number of backbone ISPs which each of the facilities employs in the specific country. The data centers have skilled technical support teams which keep tabs on all web servers 24/7 and due to the fact your sites will be hosted on our sophisticated cluster platform, you can be sure that you shall enjoy quick and consistent service at all times. All 5 facilities are available on the order page, so you could choose the one closest to you or to your target region.

Data centers in VPS Servers

If you go for one of the KVM-powered VPS server solutions we provide, you shall be able to choose between all of our data centers for the location of your new account. We provide the service on multiple different continents so that you'll be able to pick the most suitable one for you based on where you are or what region you want to focus on. All of the facilities are among the biggest ones inside their respective country and present exceptional collocation services, which is the reason for us to pick them. Terabit fiber lines to large cities inside North America and Europe as well as across the Atlantic along with an independent UPS for each physical hosting server and highly effective diesel generators ensure that your VPS will be functional and accessible all of the time no matter what. The facilities also have proficient support crews that can take care of any problem right away, which enables us to concentrate on our VPS hosting services instead of spending time and efforts to maintain our server network.

Data centers in Dedicated Servers

We have chosen the Colohouse data center in Chicago, United States, for our dedicated servers for a reason - the facility delivers the best conditions for the optimal functioning of any server accommodated there. Effective diesel generators and UPS units will keep all machines working even in case there's no electrical power for days while using several Internet providers ensures that any info that you have on your dedicated hosting server shall be accessible all of the time. Given that the data center is situated in the middle of North America, any site visitor across the continent will be able to browse through your websites as fast as their own Internet connection enables them to. The facility features fiber Internet connections to both Coasts and to many big cities inside the United States and Canada, which makes it the perfect location if you'd like to reach web users even from Mexico or South America. The proper performance of your hosting server is ensured by a highly skilled technical support team that'll handle any hardware issue 24/7. To be on the safe side, we have spare servers and components, therefore your sites will be online all of the time.