The Z File System, or ZFS, is a high level file system that is superior to any other file system on the market. It's really reliable and provides the very best performance for the hosting platforms which use it. What makes it special is that it compares the so-called checksum of all the files on the hard disks which make up a RAID array in real time and in case a file is damaged, it's repaired immediately. Basically, the same site files are stored on two or more hard disks and if there's an issue with a file on one hard drive, a good copy is employed from the other drive in order to restore that file. In contrast, none of the other popular file systems features checksums. ZFS is also much quicker and its performance isn't affected by the number of files stored on the web servers. The bigger speeds also enable backups to be set up swifter and more frequently without affecting the overall performance of the system.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Cloud Hosting

We are among the few hosting providers which have employed the ZFS file system and this enables us to offer a superior service compared with what you could find on the market. In case you acquire a cloud hosting solution, it shall be created on our innovative cloud platform and all servers which comprise it work with ZFS and feature a large amount of RAM and NVMe drives that enable us totake advantage of all attributes that the file system provides. Unlike other businesses, we have no restriction for the number of files you can have and your content will be safe at all times because of the data integrity that ZFS provides. If you remove something unintentionally or a script update doesn't go as planned, you will be able to restore your Internet site with a few clicks because the greater backup speed the ZFS file system delivers compared with other file systems permits us to create 4 backups of your entire account daily. For greater results, we use ZFS on our database and mail servers too. Considering the much faster general performance of ZFS and the fact that even if a whole hosting server fails for whatever reason, we can switch to a backup machine which shall have the latest copy of your Internet site, you will not have to concern yourself with speed, reliability or data integrity anymore.